Thursday, May 7, 2009

Somewhere in an at-present undisclosed, yet cool and dry location.

So this is all you need then?
Bodush glanced nervously at the hooded figure in front of him. What a stroke of luck that he recognised the landmarks in the flashes of fire during the fight outside the barn. The book had been exactly where his patron had told him, an unmarked tomb on a small hillock away from the grazing grounds. Bodush put the book down on the table in front of him and eagerly reached for the small chest next to it.
Not so fast, young sorcerer! There is still work to be done. This book is only one of the things I require. It is paramount that the cleric succeeds in cleansing the the valleys of the disciples of slaughter. We need the church of St. Cuthbert to establish a foothold there. My whole plan relies on it.

Bodush pulled back his hand, groaning. You mean I have to go back there?

The hooded figure lifted his arms, his voice falling to a whisper as he chanted in a long-dead language. Bodush felt the air around him twist and warp and suddenly he found himself back in the valley. With a sigh he took a look around getting his bearings.

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Hedzor said...

Allowing the dizziness to fade, Bodush looks around himself.
He appears to be at the other end of the valley basin, standing at the ‘beginning’ of the river. He can see, what can only be, the Monastery set into the cliff face. Although Bodush has no interest in architecture, he can guess Eolar’s reaction to it’s magnificence.
It stands in the middle of the river that actually starts from the two breathtaking waterfalls either side of the monastery.
Many small, grass covered islands break up the river source, each of them with a well maintained copses of Cherry blossom trees on them. It almost seems like an inverse delta.
Each island is joined to another by pretty wooden bridges. It is by these islands and bridges that you can get to the Monastery from either bank.
A scream pulls Bodush’s thoughts back to the present. By the sound and fury of the distant but enormous Air elemental smashing through scores of the evil War-priests, Bodush realises that he’s late for the assault. Unfortunately not late enough.
As he steps toward the first island, he hesitates. Is that crocodile looking at him?