Monday, May 25, 2009

The Experience that comes with Living

After all that, only Chen truly went up a level. Thesis actually managed to lose one!

Eolar: Level 12: 72,939 xp (Cleric:8/Ranger:4)
Elogyn: Level 9: 40,093 xp (Cleric:5/Paladin:4)
Durin: Level 11: 55,002 xp (Barbarian:11)
Wer: Level 11: 61,045 xp (Druid:11)
Bodush: Level 10: 49,696 xp (Sorcerer:10)
Thesis: Level 9(11): 37,126 xp (Fighter:8/Barbarian:1/Humanoid:2)
Chen: Level 10: 45,131 xp (Monk:10)
Mendez: Level 12: 76,312 xp (Ranger:5/Fighter:4/Barbarian:3)


RoboGeek said...

I am utterly confused as to what level I am and how much experience I have got/lost.

Does this mean I have to change my character sheet or not? Who knows?

I should title a post "You only die twice"

Hedzor said...

Despite being able to be brought back, dying is a bitch in D&D.
Thesis effectively lost around 17,000 xp in this adventure! The loss was made worse by Thesis being close to increasing a level when he instead lost one.
Thesis has managed to stay at 9th level but is actually 11th level due to 2 levels of Humanoid.
(The Humanoid levels don't count towards experience.)
My advice to Thesis is to let Durin lead.

Joebroesel said...

When the blind lead the deaf..... :D

TieDye said...

=) Blind and deaf, bollocks! All we need is proper planning and a way to keep ourselves getting battle-drunk and rushing headlong into things.

Btw, Sven, would the church of St Cuthbert charge you for resurrecting Elogyn?

Hedzor said...

The Church of St Cuthbert charged Eolar double for raising Durin. It would still charge Eolar for raising Elogyn, but it would be half price.
I will post remaining treasure gained tomorrow.

RoboGeek said...

I think we should definitely let the Paladin and Cleric of St. Cuthbert lead any St. Cuthbert related battles from now on ;)

But, this may all be moot - as we will all be fighting in a swarm on a ship which will sink and we will find ourselves swimming for our lives ...

BTW: 17,000 XP - Ouch! That really does hurt!

RoboGeek said...

It is really galling to see that Elogyn has higher XP thank Thesis.