Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mine, all mine

It was all clear to Eolar, Bodush, Chen, Durin and Elogyn. The problems in the town and the mine could be laid at the feet of the so-called General Sutter. In an insatiable thirst for power and wealth he had systematically destroyed the Eagle mine and Guthrie Wrigley and his dwarven work-force with it.

But, it seems he had to pay a high price. To consort with a creature as powerful as Tagati the Necromancer was surely a recipe for disaster, and if it ever came to an ultimate struggle for power, there could be only one victor. For now, Tagati was happy to play his part, but for how long?

They were also surprised to have seen 2 of those immense creatures who were carving out wealth and destruction for the General in equal measure - the Stone Golems. A creature so powerful it is said that they are un-affected by magic or weapons. One would have been a challenge, but 2? Surely suicidal.

Thanks to the wonder of Eolar's Wind-Walk, they were able to get out quickly and regroup. Maybe they were wise to to do so, but who knows what Tagati might have in readiness for our adventurers when they return? Clearly, the necromancer was not in evidence in the caverns underneath Eagle mine but his zombies and monsters certainly were. Maybe he was somewhere in Sutter's Hill mine? But, the only way across from the Eagle mine to Sutters appeared to be a water-filled tunnel. Would they brave that entrance or simply wind-walk in through Sutter's Hill?

While they contemplated this in the valley a safe distance from the mines, lady luck seemed to be smiling on them for in the distance they could clearly see the familiar form of an Eagle flying towards them. It was Wer! Now he and his Mud to Rock spell might prove very useful indeed!

Wer explained. She and Mendez had stayed behind for just three days longer in Pearlglen, helping to restore some of the woodland creatures and their devastated habitat. Then, they had traced the party's route to Mausolith and there had found out from Tom Mix at the Platinum Piece what their friends were intending. So, with appropriate haste they set out to find them - Mendez would be with them in a matter of hours.

The party had reformed, holed up in Bodush's magnificent cottage, they contemplated what lay in front of them.


Hedzor said...

I'm so kind and noble.

Charlie Stilton said...

I'm sure Pearlglen's impressionable and naive young maidens thought so too...

Hedzor said...

Mendez stays a few more days.