Friday, November 20, 2009

Everyone relax, Mendez is here

Mendez strolls back up the hill, warm with brandy and the knowledge that he is heading back home soon.
He had found a message from his Father waiting in his favourite tavern inviting him and his friends back to the city of Shalalah.
At last his Father has accepted his choices and his friends.
He’s half way up the hill when he sees smoke rising from Bodush’s secluded mansion.
Suddenly sober, Mendez sprints the remaining distance.
There are bodies everywhere. A macabre mess of Orc women, giant skeletons and weird stitched together grotesques.
He runs around the still smouldering building until he finds his friends… and a grim looking Elf.
“Is everyone alright? What happened?”
In silent response, Thesis gestures to the ground at his feet. There lie the cold bodies of Durin and Elogyn.
“Sweet Ehlonna, can’t I leave you guys alone for one evening?”

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