Wednesday, November 4, 2009

No Wer going Fast

The rest of the Party travelled on but Wer and Mendez couldn’t leave the small village of Pearl glen without doing something to address the damage done to the surrounding countryside.
Turning to his diminutive friend, Mendez tries to calm her. ‘Don’t blame them. They just don’t understand the importance of nature.’
Wer glares back. ‘The problem is that their nature is too self important.’
Mendez smiles at Wer’s witty retort.
After three days of restoring the damaged trees and plants, while Mendez searches out and removes Lerrius’ vicious traps, Wer streaks off in hawk form to rejoin the others.
Mendez stays a few extra days, enjoying the hospitality of the grateful people before riding off after his companions.
No matter, though. He’ll arrive in Mausolith soon enough.
Casually tracking his friends he notices that Thesis has gone off in a different direction to the others.

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