Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Sitting under a tree just outside Bodush's Mansion I think.

"I am guilty!"

That's the only though I have had since that dreadful day in the mountain.

"I am guilty!"

Guilty of letting horror onto this land. I can not run away from this, it is my duty to pay for what I have done. I understand that the others are scared, but I am sure they will be back to do what has to be done. But I cannot run away. I cannot!

"I am guilty!"

We need a plan. Plans can help. I am sure that with the right allies we can remove the dragon from this land. I made many friends over the past years, we can unite and fight, that can be done, that sounds like a plan. But the Demon... He is the tough one, I hope Chen has found some clues. But I cannot sit idle by.

"I am guilty!"

I need to find Chen, and then I need to find allies. I can't say goodbye to my friends, they would try to convince me to follow them.....

Wer writes a note of goodbye, stands up, slips it under the door, walks back to the tree, and straight through it.


RoboGeek said...

With the flurry of posts, I've just noticed this one.

Is this the end for Wer?
Are you planning a replacement character?
Maybe you are leaving early for France?
Or maybe you just have a DM session planned????

Do enlighten us!

Moritz Buck said...

Lets just say that Wer is not going to Shalalalalalala. And that an other character might come into the game at the next session...

Hedzor said...

I like the way little Wer had to stand up to slip the note under the door.