Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thesis and the Swordweld

Thesis found himself at the foot of a 200ft escarpment that formed a natural fortification for the city of Braemar. Looking up it was clear to see that the city was in decline and virtual ruin. Years ago, in his grandfather's day this was an important and proud city with a vibrant community and impressive army.

However, that had all changed during the most bloody years of the goblin wars. The hordes had hit the city time after time, each time depleting the city's resources a little more until the fateful final seige where the Swordweld of Braemar had been victorious but had suffered tragic losses, not least, one of their greatest fighters Traesal Swordweld, Thesis' grandfather.

He made his way over to the far end of the escarpment to the holy grounds, to the place where his grandfather was buried. To his astonishment, where there should have been a simple grave, instead he found a desecrated hole. There was a temple at the head of the cemetery, and entering he found two priests and started to find out a little of what happened here over recent years. Recently goblins had begun to raid the area again and on one of these had ruined Traesal's grave and stolen his sword.

It was clear that the memory of his grandfather was strong and had inspired a new breed of the Braemar Swordweld. They explained that they were going to raid another of the outlying goblin settlements and had planned to recover the sword. The timing was perfect and Thesis vowed to avenge his grandfather and recover the sword.

Approching the goblin stonghold in the feint light of early morning, they could see that they were not expected. Thesis sent a small troupe of 16 men to the north to deal with the threat from that direction and a similar sized group to the south. Thesis took the remainder of the men on to the main camp. He could see the leader's hut and made straight for it. Quickly dispatching the guards, they broke into the main hut.

The leader was unprepared but he quickly called on his goblins to engage. A simple fight quickly turned into a messy ruck. More goblins appeared continuously and they seemed to have better than normal weapons and strength as well as the support of magic users. Fire quickly overtook the main part of town and the fight was pushed into the hills.

Thesis looked about him and realised he had lost more than two thirds of his men, but the end was in sight. He found the leader and engaged him directly, Thesis's mighty sword swinging at goblin flesh. No goblin could ever be a match for the Lizard-man's wild strength.

Bloody and weary Thesis and the small surviving group of 20 young Swordveld marched back triumphant to Braemar to a rapturous welcome. Feasting in Thesis honour lasted 4 days and at the end of it a ceremony saw the great sword returned to the people to be displayed forever in the high hall.

Thesis was presented with a ceremonial helmet made of gold and platinum and encrusted with jewels. But this was nothing compared to the pride he felt at finally being able to live up to his family name.


Hedzor said...

You can't just brush over the hack-and-slash part!
That's the best bit!!!

Charlie Stilton said...

So confused - when did this happen?!

RoboGeek said...

I was writing it and just ran out of time! As you can clearly tell ;)

Maybe I'll flesh it out a bit now ...

This happened when I was DMing. As has become customary I'm justifying Thesis new found wealth and experience with a little side story.

Mind you, the characters earned far more in gold than Thesis was granted due to my exceptional generosity ;)