Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Return of Croc Savage

Whether it’s his loss of faith or his now completely reptile brain, Thesis’ patience is thinner than ever before. How dare those Black army idiots tell him what to do?
Despite the barrier, one is dead before Thesis can even think about it. The soldiers in black surround him and trained dog’s yap and snarl at his feet. A dog is killed next and his enemy’s swords are barely scratching his crocodile-like skin.
And then an axe blade cuff’s him across his back.
Durin has just hit him!
Ignoring the Black warriors around him, Thesis reels back in shock.
Durin has just hit him?
Not only that, but the Dwarf is ignoring the humanssss.


RoboGeek said...

Croc Savage! Lovin' it.

Yes, Thesis is roundly confused. Eolar and Durin invited him along on their "scouting" mission and then are surprised when he started hitting things. Frankly it stopped being a scouting mission as soon as someone said "Halt, Who goes there!". After that, an arrow to the head always brings out the savage in Thesis, even without his new found reptilian blood.

I think we have spent way too long in this fortess and should all move on and finish the damn job.

Thesis is not hanging around any longer ...

Hedzor said...

I agree. As a party we don't really seem to understand the concept of 'Scouting'.
The only real possible scouts were Wer, Chen and Bodush.
Everyone else is far too clunky.

TieDye said...

Eolar and Durin know that Thesis likes hitting things, but in the past, he's only done so after we've actively said that we'll be fighting people. Instead of scouting, which calls for good hiding, spotting, and listening skills, this was more meant to be an interaction sort of thing, what with Eolar's diplomacy and Durin's intimidation skills.

Besides, by endearing ourselves to one side, I imagine we can now easily gain free passage through their land to the evil church. If we'd scouted out the area, we'd certainly have gathered a lot of good intel, but we'd probably have to fight off both sides, since each one would think we were evil.

Joebroesel said...

OOO-KAYYY! Eolar got it ;-)
It wasn't supposed to be a secret scouting mission (since 2 people on warhorses are hard to hide) but more a riding-around-quickly-and-getting some-information-from-people thing. Eolar also didn't ask anybody to join, he just announced that he and Elogyn are out for a while and , to his dissatisfaction, you all followed :) He would have been back within half a day......