Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Whilst the others busy themselves in study or helping the villagers and their old friends, Chen remains in relative isolation. Of course he helps when asked directly, and eats with his companions, but otherwise he spends his time in the library (when Eolar has left for his other duties) reading and in introspective meditation.

He had no previous loyalty to the hapless mutants, and feels no remorse for his part in the carnage.

Rather, he is secretly pleased to have been an instrument of Chaos and Evil. All too often he has acted with Good intentions. Saving the whole of a secret valley from ravenous werewolves was such a gigantic act of Good that he was concerned how Balance would be restored. He is somewhat relieved that recent events occured before he had to make a conscious effort to right the Ying and the Yang. Until now, his only thoughts towards this goal could have meant attempting to sabotage Eolar and Elogyn's mission. While this may no longer be necessary, he is no more comfortable about the ever increasing influence of the Church of St Cuthbert.

He knows that the great oak he seeded in the courtyard will some to serve as a remembrance of the terrible battle fought here -as a symbol of the deaths and new lives that it sired.

This is not the true meaning of the tree however - merely a surface observation of events.

Before leaving, he harvests some acorns. When he returns to his monastery he will plant them to remind himself, and to teach the young initiates, of the true lesson:

Good and Evil come hand-in-hand. One may not exist without the other. One may come to pass even if the opposite is intended.

That the Balance between Ying and Yang; Light and Dark; Good and Evil remains in equilibrium is comforting.


Insanodag said...


Bodush Inc. has a ring of mindshielding that can be rented for a small fee.

We are also prepared to offer very agreeable rates on immolation of the innocent.

In addition, we offer cut-rate temporary invisibility for those missions of sabotage which require discretion.

No serious questions asked!

Bodush Inc. - Serving the greater balance since level 1!

Hedzor said...

Chen really shouldn't be supporting the cause of Chaos.
Evil if he wants to, but I really think 'Neutral' means 'Indifferent' rather than 'Guardian of the middle'.
Still a Monk could be 'Lawful Evil' if he wants to be.

(I think I'm as addicted to using unnecessary apostrophes as Dag is of using baffling acronyms.)