Sunday, March 22, 2009

Planning Ahead

Eolar found Lady Lesyeux standing on the battlements looking down at the valley. The early morning mist covered most of the valley and, combined with the first light of day, created a calm and serene atmosphere.
"Wer just started to raise your people again. It will take a while to bring them all back and many of them won't have their old form. I'm sorry for that but my powers are not strong enough, yet, to raise them as humans for sure. If they want, I can send for a higher level healer who could be here within a few days to raise the ones who don't trust the more random powers of nature"
"Thank you for the offer, I will ask the families of the victims."
"I wanted to apologize again for the attack. It was a chain of unfortunate events and could have been avoided if we both would have acted befitting our standing as we both didn't present the symbols of our affiliations clearly enough. We attacked like a group of mercenaries, hiding our vestments, and you were defending a stronghold covered in evil emblems. It wasn't proper behaviour and our gods taught us a prompt lesson."
A few seconds passed while Lady Lesyeux stood there looking into the distance.
"We just started to setup a refuge for us and the suffering people from the village. We had no time to spend on embellishing these buildings. People always come first!"
Eolar ignored the slightly sarcastic tone in her voice.
"I saw the grey-clothed villagers. What are they suffering from?"
"There is a war going on for years in this valley between the white north and the black south. Deeply rooted hatred parts the two fractions north and south of the river. We force the refugees to wear grey to remind them that they are on neither side anymore! We do what we can, but there are too many refugees and the constant attacks make things worse! I don't have many followers in faith within these walls."
"Attacks of the villagers? Why are they attacking you?"
"No, the villagers are busy killing themselves. The attacks are coming from the monastery on the other side of the village. The priests of Erythnul that we banished from this stronghold have their base there. We are not strong enough to attack them so we have to rely on these walls to hide behind."
Eolar looked down into the valley where the morning's mist slowly dissolved in the warm sunlight.
"My followers have much to atone for after killing innocent defenders of faith, even though it was unintentional. Elogyn would call it a test of St.Cuthbert, and even I now believe he offers us a chance to redeem ourselves. We will take care of this church of Erythnul and squelch all evil in this valley!"
"Your help in this case would be much appreciated, but beware, it is said the followers of evil have a daemon amongst them. Don't underestimate their strength!"
"We fought the forces of evil on many occasions and with the power of St.Cuthbert on our side we always came out victorious. But thank you for the warning!"
Eolar turned round and looked over the awakening fortress.
"You know, the place here is perfect to set up a bastion of order in these chaotic lands. Since you have problems defending yourself we could work together to create a strong centre of lawful faith. My church is strong and could give you the protection you need to do your charitable work. Of course I respect your claim on this fortress but we should talk about an alliance after we have expelled evil from this valley."
For the first time Lady Lesyeux turned her head and looked at Eolar. Through the mask he couldn't make out her expression, so he continued
"Our gods are allies and Pelorians and followers of St.Cuthbert have worked together many times in history. My orders are to set up a strong church here near the forbidden lands and our protection would give you the chance to gain followers and do good."
He looked at her in excitement.
"Imagine what we could set up here! A shining beacon of lawful order. We can create a new order within this valley. In rebuilding this church the villagers could reinvent themselves and become part of a well structured and ordered society under the eyes of St.Cuthbert and Pelor. The community could rise from the ashes of a long war and become an example for many others. It's a lot of work, but it would be worth it. I can see these walls in shining white, with the sun of Pelor and the star burst of St.Cuthbert engraved in them. It would be a place of wisdom and teaching as well as protection and judgment. What do you think?"

[Eolar rolled a 17 for diplomacy ;-)]


Hedzor said...

'Squelch evil.'

Insanodag said...

In the short-term:
Does this mean we can actually kill someone who deserves is this time?

In the long-term:
Does this we are going to babysit this valley for all eternity?

Charlie Stilton said...

They have a daemon?!

>Sound of knees knocking together<

Joebroesel said...

Short-term: Yes, Eolar is going to ask you all to finally help him to kill evil clerics :)

Long-Term: You won't see my followers again! (unless you visit my church :) ). And it could also mean there are a few adventures nearby...

Insanodag said...

Right, so we better make sure that this demon is actually a demon, rather than an angel with glued on horns and spraypainted wings.

Also, Demons have spell-resistance. This is bad.

Hedzor said...

You see?
I give you all what you wish for and still I get complaints!