Monday, March 9, 2009

A Brief Moment in Time

Eolar, Elogyn and Wer’s huge goat are finally at the top of the seemingly endless stairway. They have come to a plateau twenty feet before the halfway raised, tilted portcullis.
Chen is running along the inner wall. Durin has flown into the left tower and he is being watched over by Wer and Bodush from the trapdoor above.
Below them, the giant two headed Orc squats. By the hastily removed helmets and the empty glass vials, it has obviously taken a couple of potions. Weirdly the separate heads seem to be muttering to each other.
Thesis lies by the front portcullis… and also beside the main keep.
Meanwhile, inside the building, a heavily robed woman and a diminutive Derro race back along one of the torch lit corridors.

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Joebroesel said...

Let's get the robed woman! She needs to receive instant divine punishment to restore order! :)