Saturday, March 14, 2009

Who’s Fooling Who?

A heavily disguised Baba leads a train of heavily laden donkeys to the house of Esteban.
Calling over one of the servants, Baba pleads,“Boy, fetch your Master. I need to ask a favour.”
Esteban himself comes to the gate. “Please kind sir, I have travelled far and my donkeys are tired. May I leave them safe in your gardens for the night?”
Fortunately Tao had managed to warn his father and Esteban quickly sees through Baba’s disguise. “Of course you can rest your animals, but tell me, what are you selling?”
“Just oil.” Responds Baba. Esteban smiles. “You should stay too.” Calling over an attractive female servant, Esteban sends Baba into the house and the servant girl shows him to his room.
“Would you like some food and wine?”
Baba smiles. He’s going to enjoy what’s coming.

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