Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What's cooking?

Elogyn had been wandering around the fortress and had been helping where she could. She was praying and meditating as much as she could but it didn't make her feel better about the killing of good people. She had apologized to each family that had lost a family member through the attack but although Wer was reincarnating all of them, it didn't make her feel any better. Why was it so difficult to do the right thing?
She hadn't seen Eolar for two days now and since she had done all she could for the families, she used the free time for training. On the third day she took Hasufel and went outside the walls where the ground was almost even. Using different weapons she trained charging at dummies made of straw. Since Hasufel was an experienced war horse, she learned more from how the horse moved automatically than she could ever teach the mount. Hasufel knew already what to do, which gave her more time to focus on the attack and after a few hours of trying, she was capable of attacking the target without having to stop Hasufels charge.
Proud and sweating, she dismounted and lead Hasufel back to the provisional stables. After feeding and grooming her mount and refreshing herself she went looking for Eolar. After an hour searching and asking around she finally found him in one of the rooms on the second level down. He was sitting at a table with lots of small potions, dried herbs and ointments around a bigger bowl. He turned when she knocked at the open door "Come in!" Coming closer, she noticed the old open book in front of him.
"I found an extensive library with the combined knowledge of clerics and wizards. You won't believe how easy it is to enhance different items with spells!"
Elogyn looked at the bowl filled with a steaming grey paste with growing interest. "What is it you are making?"
"I found this recipe for a healing ointment capable of curing diseases, poisons and healing wounds. I'm working on it for two days now already and I think I'm getting close. I can still make it more powerful but it will take 2 more days to get it ready." He took a small knife and made a small cut on the back of his hand. He took a small bit of the ointment and slowly rubbed it over the cut. Elogyn saw a light blue shine where he applied the paste and the cut slowly closed. "See? Isn't it wonderful? And there are many more wondrous items that are worth a try!"
Elogyn nodded in astonishment. This would definitely help them on the battlefield.
"I also had a closer look around this maze of corridors and rooms. The underground structure is huge! I even found a corridor leading away into the mountains. It is worth exploring!"

[Elogyn mastered ride-by-attacks and Eolar is cooking a restorative ointment, 5 applications, cures poison, diseases or 1d8+5 dmg, 4000gp)


Hedzor said...

No reinventing the Fort/Church of Wee Jass/Erythnul/Pelor/St Cuthbert until the adventure's over.

Joebroesel said...

You told me there is a tunnel!! I just said that the basement is huge (which one would expect from a fortress on top of a mountain. The only way is down ;-) ). It's huge from Eolars perspective which could mean he only expected 1 room and is surprised that there are 5 :)
Sorry for that!

Hedzor said...

Trouble is it rather undermines my whole 'the people shelter under the (easily burned) thatched roof' thing.
Let's say that the underground layers are unstable and unsafe.
(Repairable though.)