Monday, December 28, 2009

Lights in the tree

It was slowly getting darker. They'd spotted a few of the hamsters and sailors who made their way through the jungle underneath them. Ragnar was flying in circles above them to spot gorillas in time, Durin and Thesis were flying higher to spot the remnants of ballons in the trees and Eolar was flying ahead to scout for a save path through the dense undergrowth.
The sun was slowly setting at the horizon when Eolar saw the strange tree in the middle of the clearing. It wasn't the kind of tree they'd seen so far, but a tall fir tree.
The clearing looked like a good place to make camp for the night and Eolar had a strange feeling about the fir tree. He urged his companions to make their way towards it and materialised next to the tree.
After a while the whole group was gathering around it. A peaceful feeling filled the air. Bodush was the first to act. He cast dancing lights on the tree which gave it a sparkely look. Eolar looked at it in joy and a table with food and drink for everybody appeared next to the tree. The travellers ate and drank and one after another gathered around the tree where people started to tell stories. Durin even intoned a few peaceful dwarfen songs. For this night they forgot the dangers and perils around them. It was a special night!

Happy holidays everybody!


Hedzor said...

What a strange coincidence...

RoboGeek said...

Nice ;)

Were there any presents under it? I'd like a vorpal Greatsword +5 please Santa.