Monday, January 4, 2010

Beaten by a Bunch of Damned Dirty Apes

Driven back by the baffling magics of the disgusting ugly man-things, the huge apes prepare themselves for another assault.
Disconcertingly though, the Party take this opportunity to make good their escape.
Eolar calls to the heavens and transforms himself, the massive Ragnar, Hawkmoon and Durin to smoke and they drift off into the air.
Bodush smirks to himself. “Only four?” he mutters under his breath.
Looking around he does a quick head count: Thesis, three sailors (two alive, one dead), and one of the freakish Hamster men.
He can do that. Just as he’s casting the spell however, the little blue Kobold, ‘Mara’ch’ sprints back into view from his hiding place.
Unable to take an extra person (regardless of his tiny size), Bodush is forced to abandon the dead sailor.
At least the apes won’t let his body go to waste.
With a flash of arcane light, they are gone.


RoboGeek said...

Would it help carrying numbers if Ragnar changes back to human form?

Alternatively, what if Thesis carries the dead sailor - does that make a difference in counting the heads that can fly? (Thesis would probably not even be encumbered)

Hedzor said...

Ragnar failed to change back and you were in sort of a hurry.

Thesis could have carried the dead Sailor but to what purpose?

If it helps, he had an awful nagging wife and he's glad he never has to sample her horrible cooking again.