Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When the last tree has been felled

Eolar finished flying over the remaining clearings. Each and every one of them had one of those trees in them but none of those used any hamster or sailors as bait. He stopped the search and turned towards the shore where they had left the ship.
He was worried.
When he approached the remains of the once mighty sky ship, he was tense. He materialised and started to walk towards it. A few meters away relief overcame him. St. Cuthbert, the all powerful god, had also taken care of Meldo and the horses. He looked inside and all five looked at him. Meldo looked up from the hay that was scattered around the ship and Eolar could see the resentment in the eyes. "I'm sorry that I had to leave you old friend! But a mule is not made for the jungle!" He started to stroke the head of his trustworthy companion, but Meldo disapprovingly continued feeding.
Eolar had to smile about his mule's stubborness. He detached the other four horses after a quick check that nobdy had taken any equipment. Everything was just as they had left it.

He was about half way round the island when the sun slowly started setting. It was a nice sunset and he stopped to give the horses and Meldo some rest. Looking at the orange sun he thought back a few hours. When the tree had caught him, he had thought that this time he might have gone to far. That he had been too presumptious. But when his magic had failed him and he was just about to accept his fate, St.Cuthbert had shown HIS power and showed him a way to escape. He stared at the sun while reciting a prayer praising the superiority of his god.

Yes, he was protected and all creatures who had dared to attack him so far had suffered greatly. St.Cuthbert had led him to this desolate place. A place where the power of Pelor had failed. And although there were no people left to be guided onto the right path and shown their mistake, Eolar could not help feeling superior as well. Roly had saved 8 children by hiding. With the help of St.Cuthbert, many more lifes and the town could have been saved.
Eolar couldn't see a way off this island yet but was sure that St.Cuthbert would lead him. While prompting the horses to continue the way back to the fallen city, a psalm from the holy book came to his mind:

The LORD is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear?
The LORD is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid?
He looked to the left where the fading sun illuminated the top of the central rock formation. Yes, whom shall he be afraid of?