Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Arcane Train vs. Divine Airways

Bodush takes in the ruined gate before leading his group through it and is unsurprised by what he sees.
The city has been brutally sacked. No people line the streets. No shopkeepers or city-guards.
No one.
Interestingly he sees no corpses or even bloody remains.
All any of them can see are the feral animals and the occasional rat.
Still, the carnivorous apes are over twenty miles away. Bodush can feel himself relax and his little companion ‘Gajarpan’ hisses contentedly.
By the time Eolar and his bunch of clouds arrive, Bodush’s team have found an empty guardhouse to camp in.
“What kept you?” asks Bodush sarcastically.
Annoyingly for Eolar, he can’t snap off a cutting retort while vaporous.

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Joebroesel said...

Oh, he can! Small little clouds come into being around his head! ;-)