Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Party’s (Welcome/Going-away) Party (Part 5)

The beneficiaries of Mendez’ generosity gather after he himself has long since disappeared to his chambers, partially supported by two of the dancing girls.
It is Tao who speaks first. “Again Mendez showers us with gifts. Were the fortunes he gave us the first time not enough?”
Kale speaks next. “I agree Brother. We should not allow his naivety to bankrupt him, but what can we do?”
Nervously, Eris, Mendez’ little sister speaks up. “We should all repay him in gold. He’ll resist but if we all insist, he’ll accept a token payment.”
Finally Cassim responds. “That seems fair, but how much should we give?”

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RoboGeek said...

How about basing it on the XP you give out to the party? ;)