Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Party’s (Welcome/Going-away) Party (Part 4)

Finally Mendez finds his Mother and Sister surrounded by a large group of men.
Mendez’ Mother is younger than a lot of his Brothers. Of course she isn’t their Mother, but it’s still a little strange to realise that she’s not yet forty.
His sister is the youngest in the family, and is still only eighteen.
“Mother, Little Sister. May I steal you away for a moment?”
Both the women beam at him and make their excuses.
“I’ve missed you my beautiful boy. Have you more stories to tell?”
Mendez’ heart swells in his chest. He’d do anything to keep them safe.
Pulling out two exquisite golden rings from his pouch, he presents them one each.
“I can’t always be here to protect you, but these rings should help to keep you safe. Promise me that you’ll always wear them.”
Tears welling in their eyes, the women agree.


RoboGeek said...

Oh dear, I was hoping you'd leave the women and children out of it :(

Insanodag said...

...At least they don't have names.

Hedzor said...

Mendez' Sister is called Eris and his Mother is called Shera.

Hee hee.

Insanodag said...

Eris? Sorry, but killing her is against my religion.

RoboGeek said...

We all have chaotic sisters.
It's looking more likely that I'll be jumping ship and fighting with Mendez, Eris, Shera, Mendoza, and whatever the others are called.