Monday, January 11, 2010

Status Report

The Party have regrouped and made camp in the abandoned guard house just inside the main wall of the desolate city.
Although since waking aboard the Sky-ship, you have already defeated the gigantic Roc, crash landed the Sky-ship, steered it to safety, rescued three sailors (minus the one that died), rescued a Hamster-man, battled dozens of carniverous apes, fled magically and travelled over twenty miles to the deserted city, it is amazingly still only about 10am.

Assif kept track of HPs but what of everything else?

How many arrows has he used?
Other than the Clairvoyance, how many spells has he already cast?

Apart from hiding, what has he done?
Has he cast any spells other than attempt to enfeeble the 50 odd strength Roc?

He raged against the Carniverous apes but did he also rage against the Roc?
How many javalins did he leave uncollected when the Party left so hurriedly?
How was he flying when fighting the Roc?

Has he got anything other than HPs that can run out?
He did use at least two Potions… (Fly and Water-walk.)

Has cast at least four Teleport spells but How many maximised Fireballs and chain lightnings?

He has cast two Wind walks but what else?
What healing spells did he use on the Hamster-man and the two surviving Sailors?

Is there a limit to how many times he can change forms back an forth?

What I’m asking for is that everyone makes sure that they note down what they’ve done and what spells and items they’ve used up.

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