Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Party’s (Welcome/Going-away) Party (Part 3)

Mendez next searches for Cassim and Kale. They are the best swordsmen of his Brothers, so they deserve the next two gifts.
Finding them in the arms of two of the exotic dancers, Mendez coughs to gain their attention.
“What’s up little Brother? Can’t find a girl of your own?”
Cassim has just turned thirty but Kale is only a few years older than Mendez himself.
Indignantly Mendez responds “I’ve never had a problem finding women! I just wanted to give you both a gift, but now I’m not so sure you deserve it.”
Hastily dropping the girl from his lap, Kale apologises. “A gift? What is it?”
Mendez smiles. Of all his Brothers, Kale is the most like him.
“I have a Scimitar for you both. They’re amazing weapons if used skilfully.”
Trying not to snatch, Cassim and Kale take the swords greedily.
“Thank you little Brother. Your generosity, as always, is too much!”

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