Monday, January 18, 2010

Blood will out

Rubbing his eyes, Mendez stumbles downstairs and walks into his Father’s study.
“What happened? Where are my friends?”
Estaban smiles warmly at his favourite son.
“They were gracious enough to run a little errand for me.”
Mendez eyes narrow. Partially due to the hangover he’s suffering from but mostly due to his growing suspicion.
“You didn’t ‘make’ them go did you Father?”
The smile doesn’t waver from Estaban’s face.
“I needed a little help and they were conveniently available. Don’t fuss so much. From what you’ve told me, they’ll easily be up to the challenge.”
“How could you Father? They’re not men to be trifled with. They’ll kill you!”
Only now does Estaban’s smile fall away.
“No they won’t. Not with you here to protect me.”
Mendez’ face turns stern.
“I won’t help you against my friends.”
Estaban merely sighs.
“Yes you will my Son, whether you wish to or not…”


RoboGeek said...

That's nothing. Imagine how pi**ed off Mendez will be when he finds out that 8 of his precious Hamster Men have been eaten by a tree and some dirty apes.

Insanodag said...

Hmmm....Esteban was one thing, but how do we kill Mendez? I mean, he gets out of range of my fireballs in half a a round or so. I think Ma'rach might be our only hope.

Hedzor said...

Not even a hint of hesitation?!

Insanodag said...

Hesitation? The moral quandaries are for our resident cleric to sort out. As he worships the god of get the idea.