Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Experience has taught us Nothing

Unfortunately yesterday’s debacle, although succesfulish didn’t gain you much experience. The Party is pretty powerful and your opponents were either idiots or stuck-in-the-muds.
Unsurprisingly, no-one went up a level.
Here are the current scores (In experience order):

Mendez: Level 16: 134,925xp (Back where he belongs!)
Eolar: Level 16: 134,642xp (Blind faith beats bad planning.) [edit:creation cost 200XP]
Thes-hiss: Level 16: 128,066xp (What Hamsters?)
Bodush: Level 15: 110,415xp (The Hamsters who can fix the Sky-ship.)
Durin: Level 14: 92,184xp (We should search for them urgently!)
Hawkmoon: Level 13: 80,367xp (And get them to carry our stuff.)
Mara’ch: Level 12: 77,461xp (Sorry I can’t. I’m sunbathing.)
Ragnar: Level 12: 76,244xp (Growl!)

I promise you bigger things next session…


Joebroesel said...

Mendez on top??? He should get negative XP for starting the end of the town we are in! ;-)

Well, then the 200XP that I have to deduct for raising my chain shirt from +2 to +3 don't really matter anymore. :) Post adjusted

Hedzor said...

And I'm pulling away!