Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Banner: Tempted by the forbidden hamster fruit

Luscious and succulent, the last surviving hamster-man dangles from the branches of the huge willow tree at the centre of the clearing. Eolar spies him and quickly goes to his aid. But he forgets the lesson given by Roly only minutes before. "Don't go in the clearings, on pain of DEATH!". But, when did death ever worry the mighty Eolar?

Miles from the other members of the party Eolar materialises and is immediately gripped by the many branches of the tree. Unable to do much more than destroy the odd branch he is dragged incessantly toward the gaping mouth. Death is certain, even the celestial bison can only hold out a short time.

But, incredibly, he turns insubstantial as a cloud once more and floats away in a wisp. Soon the rest are summoned and the hamster is quickly saved by judicious use of invisibilty, fly and teleport. The tree is quickly burned. And the party survive.

But, the question of how they are to get off the damned island is far from resolved. Can they survive the loss of 6 hamster men? Can the ship be repaired? Will it float let-alone fly? How do hamster men breed? Can the apes be taught to man a ship?

I guess we find out next time.


Hedzor said...

The loss of EIGHT Hamster-men!
(Leaving just two...)

TieDye said...

Hopefully, this will just slow down our progress instead of bringing it to a grinding halt? Btw, I'm still convinced that you'll spring some horrible trap on us somewhere on this blasted island - is the giant rock shaped like an ape-head actually a gargantuan ape-shaped Stone Golem with damage resistance of 20???

Btw, even without the suspiciously vaginal mouths, that tree is pure nightmare fuel.

Hedzor said...

'the giant rock shaped like an ape-head actually a gargantuan ape-shaped Stone Golem'?

Hmmn, a titanic stone golem?

I'm liking that idea!

RoboGeek said...

Nooo - don't give him ideas!

All I want is to get off this island and quick.

Insanodag said...

Hmmm... There was actually a guy in the school next to mine (Where they studied how to fix cars and heavy machinery rather than the infinitely more useful "how to read books and write about them" that my school taught), who was caught having rather intimate relations with a tree. To be fair, he was 16, and relief is oft needed and difficult to come by at that age. I can't help but to think of him and wince when looking at the tree.

If there is such a thing as a giant stone golem on the island, the rest of the party is on their own. Bodush will leg it back to his extra-dimensional den and stay there.

Joebroesel said...

If the monkey head is a huge stone golem, then I'll call down the powers of St.Cuthbert and......plane shift!!!! Pelor can take care of these trivial problems!

TieDye said...

Mother of pearl...why do I always open my mouth and give you free ideas?! Having said that, it'll be interesting to see what Mendez decides to do about his father's manipulations!

Hedzor said...

Have you not read the latest post ‘Blood will out’?
By now you should have realised that Mendez’ father is a completely self-serving egomaniac with no regard for anyone else’s feelings or desires.
He mind-controlled and manipulated you all into setting out on this voyage to get a shipload of diamonds for himself.
He has no compunctions in mind controlling his own son into doing what he thinks best for him and therefore his entire family.

Don't worry about the giant Ape-head mountain.
Sometimes an oddly shaped mountain is just that.