Monday, January 25, 2010

Quick Summary of the Party

Eolar: Wind-bag cleric of St Cuthbert.
Thesis: Razor-toothed Lizard of Destruction.
Bodush: Indifferent Sorcerer of Mass Destruction.
Durin: Rampaging Dwarf of Melee avoidance.
Hawkmoon: Sneering Elf of Raining Death.
Mara'ch: Blue Kobold of minor irritation.
Ragnar: Growling Behemoth of Impressiveness.
Roly: Oddly Obese (considering his hardship) cleric of Pelor
8 x Children: Dirty but healthy.
2 x Hamster-men: Fully fit thanks to Roly.
4 x Sailors: Fully fit thanks to Roly.
4 x Riding horses: Shaken and a little stirred.
Meldo: Alive and Kicking.

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