Monday, December 14, 2009

Family trumps Friendship

Looking up from his ledgers, Estaban notices the worry etched on his brother’s face.
“What is it Mendoza? You look upset.”
Speaking in barely more than a whisper, Mendoza responds to his brother’s question.
“You’ve taken things too far this time Estaban. Mendez will not forgive you for endangering his friends.”
Estaban smiles.
“I didn’t have much choice. I need those diamonds to pay off my debts. As for Mendez, of course he’ll forgive me. In fact I’m sure that if those adventurers turn ugly on their return, he’ll choose family over ‘friends’. Frankly I can’t believe he’s been associating with such a wretched group. Sub-humans all, aside from the teenage Sorcerer and even he’s tainted with the stink of Orc.”
Mendoza still doesn’t look convinced.
“Demi-human they may be, but if even half of what Mendez has said about them is true, I won’t be able to stop them.”
Estaban smiles again.
“Don’t you worry little brother. I’ve hired a few mercenaries to help if it comes down to it, and unbeknownst to those idiot adventurers, I have a spy amongst them.”


RoboGeek said...

Intriguing. Esteban is clearly nuts, but dangerous with it. Like pointy coconuts falling from a tree.

I like fighting a party (assuming that is what the mercenaries turn out to be). Especially if we are evenly matched.

And, the spy? I wonder who that could be? I think it is probably one of the hamsters. And anyway, how is he communicating with Esteban?

Hedzor said...

Crazy like a fox!

TieDye said...

5 gp says the spy is that wretched little half-dragon bastard that snuck aboard our ship...

RoboGeek said...

I don't think it is Mara'ch for 2 reasons:

1) I don't think Kirk would use a PC's character in this way.
2) He is in france ;)

Joebroesel said...

oh you little meta-gamer, you :)