Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Roc (He)

With a screech of anguish, the mighty Roc circles over the carcass of his mate.
She partially floats in the water below, already food for the myriad aquatic scavengers.
Whatever could have done this?
Whatever it was, it would have to be able to fly.
Whatever it is, it is going to die!


Charlie Stilton said...

Thank god you didn't put 'of' after 'myriad'!

RoboGeek said...

Now, I think that is just being pedantic, or at least it is a matter of choice.

As it turns out the noun usage of the word is just as correct, if not more so, as it predates the adjective use by up to 200 years!

Hedzor said...

Are you questioning my grammar?

Actually I stumbled over this very question when i wrote it. I initially included 'of' but it seemed wrong to me.

Both are correct and it makes no difference to the sentence meaning .
The myriad of fish in the sea.
The myriad fish in the sea.

How rude!


RoboGeek said...

Nobody is questioning your impeccable use of the English language. In fact, Scott was supporting your use of the word in that way.

I was saying that had you put an "of" in, that is, used it as a noun, that would also have been correct, so Scott's point was moot.

However, I have to agree with you both that the adjectival usage is much nicer and makes you seem well read!

Charlie Stilton said...

Indeed - I was congratulating you on being as cunning a linguist as you are exquisite an artiste...

Hedzor said...

Cunning linguist...

Phnar, phnar!!