Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pellet of the Apes

Considering the standard of the opposition, the situation is actually quite grim.
The Party (Eolar, Thesis, Bodush, Durin, Hawkmoon, Mara’ch and Ragnar) have nursed the stricken Sky-ship to Ape island where it is currently beached.
They have moved inland into the jungle interior searching for any surviving crew-members (who bailed out using assorted two-floating or singular life saver balloons).
Hawkmoon used his arcane powers to discover the locations of a few of them and the Party have so far found three Human sailors and one of the Hamster men.
When they came to the fifth location, they found a ripped harness hanging from a tree and just as they were about to start searching they came under fire from at least a score of apes throwing rocks from the tree-tops.
Despite their crude tactics of whooping and throwing, the cover from the foliage and distance grants them quite an advantage.
Only Hawkmoon seems to be making it difficult for the apes so far.
Most everyone in the Party is injured and two of the Human sailors are unconscious or worse and so is the Hamster-man.
There is a city on the other side of the island but it’s at least 25 miles away!
Also, there are still 6 humans and 9 Hamster-men missing.

Current Hit points:

Mara'ch 37
Eolar 97
Thesis 171
Durin 154
Hawkmoon 61
Bodush 47
Ragnar 104

Initiative Order:

Bodush 23
Thesis 21
Fapes 21
Dapes 20
Napes 19
Mara'ch 19
Hawkmoon 14
Ragnar 14
Durin 7
Eolar 6

Good luck!


RoboGeek said...

Nice headline!

Injured you say? Hardly ;)

Anyway, we have Eolar the mobile hospital with us. :)
Although it would be nice to have Wer also with her "heal full HP in one round" spell, and of course, Elogyn the Battle-Nun :(

But, you are right, of course. We need a plan, and we need one quick!

Already looking forward to Thursday :D

RoboGeek said...

Also, in the last round, Thesis drew his bow within the reach of an ape and so suffered an AoO.

Hedzor said...

We're playing on WEDNESDAY!

TieDye said...

I've already talked to Sven about making one of the melee fighters (I don't care who) flight-ready, and if we also buffed him up, that should help even the playing field a little bit.