Friday, December 4, 2009

Between a Roc and the Ape place

Experience from the surprisingly high (CR21 vs PL17) Roc encounter…

I haven’t included the experience for the handful of carnivorous apes yet and I WON’T allow anyone to level until you get to a safe place and rest…

But here are the current scores (In experience order):

Eolar: Level 16: 132,581xp
Mendez: Level 16: 132,414xp
Thes-hiss: Level 16: 125,805xp
Bodush: Level 14: 108,204xp (Up to 15th level!)
Durin: Level 13: 89,923xp
Hawkmoon: Level 12: 78,056xp (Up to 13th level!)
Mara’ch: Level 12: 75,500xp
Ragnar: Level 12: 74,550xp

Thanks to those lovely item creation feats, Mendez has ground Eolar’s lead down experience lead to just over a hundred.

After much debate, Thesis has had his experience and level adjusted for ease AND expedience.

[edit Sven: Eolar spent 640XP on belt of giant strength and 200XP on his chain shirt enhancement from +2 to +3]


RoboGeek said...

Yay! Thesis goes up a level!

I still count Eolar and Mendez as way in the lead though as I still consider myself 15th level, not 17th.

But 15th - that is still amazing - w00t!

I shall prepare a leveled-up character sheet for next time ;)

Hedzor said...

No he doesn't.
Yes he does?

RoboGeek said...

OK 16th then. I feel happy and sad, all at the same time.