Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ba(r)d Dad

It can’t be denied that Esteban is a marvellous host. The food, though different to what you’re used to, is delicious; the wines and brandy, first class.
Everything about Mendez’ family home declares class, but more importantly ‘wealth’.
Mendez joyously introduces you all to his family. He seems honestly proud of both his parents, uncle and siblings as he does of you: his adventurer friends.
Soon though Mendez is lost in the pleasures of brandy and the young women hired to flirt and entertain.
The Party start to enjoy the food and they all (with the exception of the Kobold stowaway) drink enough wine to finally relax after their long journey.
Mendez’ brother Sancho is the first to request a song from his Father.
Esteban smiles but waves him away. It takes the entreaties of others in the crowd to convince him to change his mind.
'Begrudgingly', Esteban calls for his ‘old’ liar. He makes a great show of tuning up the exquisite instrument but it’s patently obvious to all watching, that it’s been regularly played and lovingly cared for.
Then he starts to sing with a voice that’s deep but achingly beautiful…

“Oh come gather around, give me your full attention.
I have got something to say…

That’s right now, lean in much closer.
Be sure that you’re listening…
As you feel your will slip away..ay..ay.

You’re under my power; you’ll do as I bid thee.
And I won’t even have to…

I won’t even have to…
I won’t even have to…
I won’t even have to…


His voice fills the room, growing in power and charm until everyone listening is enraptured.

In reality the song goes on for verse after verse and Esteban sings proudly of his son Mendez’ adventures on the high seas.
He sings about giant Cyclops and an island of carnivorous apes. But mostly he sings about an island covered in diamonds guarded by monstrous serpents.

Then somehow, inexplicably everyone wakes up back on the Gnomish Sky-ship!


RoboGeek said...

Its almost as if Telfis the bard poet was back among us ;)

I wonder if we will feel compelled to give any diamonds we find to Esteban?

Insanodag said...

It was his idea after all! I am sure we could give him his rightful share for such a wonderful suggestion.

Charlie Stilton said...

I got the the impression that we were supposed to take the diamonds back to him, and that we've been charmed not to expect any payment?

Hedzor said...

Although it seemed like a great idea during the party, Thesis does not feel 'compelled' to give any diamonds he finds to Esteban.
In fact although he enjoyed the food and wine, he can't actually remember how he got onto the Sky-ship.