Thursday, October 15, 2009

The vampire slayers

They left in the morning after Eolar was able identify their position. They had stopped at old ruins of a castle and used the dungeons to escape the light. The group started the chase by the first break of dawn. Eolar, Elogyn and 8 others changed to gaseous form and went fast as the wind while the others set out on horses.

The first group reached the ruins by midday and when they encountered only 3 guards they decided to attack immdediately. While still in gaseous form they sneaked past the guards and within seconds the undead were killed. None of the captured people were turned yet, not even fed on. After a quick investigation, most guards turned out to be vampire spawn and only the leader a true vampire. Eolar had kept the leader alive who provided some information under torture. The prisoners should have been brought to a castle another days march from the ruins where a vampire lord had taken over and started to built up his realm. The prisoners should have served as slaves and food for the growing vampire population.

After a quick talk to Elogyn and the others it was decided to move on to attack the castle before the lord could fully build up an effective defense. An hour later Cotis arrived with the other fighters and was ordered to move on and meet near the castle while Eolar and Elogyn moved in gaseous form to scout and get information about their destination. Four fighters were ordered to bring the unharmed villagers back while Eolars followers, despite being still confused and dizzy since the dominate spell wore off, decided to join the fight.

It turned out to be a smaller castle build on the side of a smaller mountain. In the few hours of the day that were left they could find out that there was only a small group of vampires around the lord who controlled many humans that were kept as slaves. Eolar had to stop Elogyn who wanted to attack immediately without waiting for the others after she saw that they kept humans like cattle. They went back and met the others at the designated spot.

It was a short battle the next day. The clerics who were prepared to fight undead took the mostly sleeping vampires by surprise. Holding the vampires at bay with holy symbols and daylight spells they slaughtered the first few before all vampires could be awakened. Many others died when they were dragged outside into the bright sunlight. Eolar, Elogyn and Cotis went straight for the lord who turned out to be an elder vampire. After a longer fight and chase through the tunnels under the castle, the vampire managed to escape much to the annoyance of Elogyn who tried to track him down while the others had already returned to the battle.

When Elogyn came back without success the battle was already over. Only few of the humans were used as meat shields by the vampires and were beyond healing. The others were sent home to their villages in the surrounding areas. Although the vampire lord had managed to escape, Eolar considered the attack a success. The chance of the lord returning was slim but Eolar would still check on the ruins in the area from time to time. They also had found rooms filled with treasure which could be brought to good use in the monastery and the valley.

Back at the monastery a regular patrol was started to check on the surrounding villages. Eolar saw a chance to expand the area of influence of the monastery and also to open trade relations to get much needed food. He wondered how the others got along and tried to scry on them in the evenings. He saw that they're on their way to Gom Dalat and saw a chance to meet an old friend in the church there while catching up with his comrades. Leaving Leofwen in charge again, Elogyn and Eolar left the valley behind once more.


Hedzor said...

Mendez fights grubby bandits on his solo adventures.
Eolar and his army fight hordes of Vampires!

Insanodag said...

Well, it beats getting drunk and talking to shady characters.

Hedzor said...

Are you talking about Mendez or Bodush?