Friday, October 2, 2009

... and then all hell broke loose

Actually, more helped out rather than broke loose.

First off I'd like to say sorry to Durin for not playing his character last night. Sven decreed that he'd get no experience anyway and I thought it best not to put him in the way of danger for the sake of no XP.

Secondly, thanks to Sven for a fun, if somewhat confusing and frustrating adventure.

For all our complicity with the black-cloaks I maintain that we were rather duped into ushering forth the next dark age. Sven pointed out that we could have avoided all this if we had gone with Lady Bennissa alone in the first session, but I would counter that it was the sensible decision to keep the BC's near as we would learn more of their plans that way.

And that touches on my main problem with how things turned out - despite always being open for information during game-time, none was forthcoming. I, speaking draconic, was able to learn nothing from the BCs, the Elves never so much as spoke to us and there was never any explaination why evil orcs would be fighting evil (despite the lawful/chaotic opposition).

In fact, it seems the only real information cam in the form of a DT posting the afternoon before the final battle, which we might be forgiven for not following.

So, now I await to hear our fate. Was it not always thus?

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