Friday, October 30, 2009

A Week in Pearlglen

Eolar moved away from the forge. He was sweating and exhausted and was holding the white glowing chain mail with the tongs. He looked at the armour and was satisfied. It was hard to work the mithral but with the help of the local blacksmith who he had paid to use his forge he finally managed to finalise his work. He dropped the metal into the bucket of water and started to clean up. He had learned a lot in the last couple of days. The blacksmith had taught him how to heat and work the metal and how different metals can be used for different purposes.

He met Thes-Hiss in front of the tavern and handed over the new armour. After trying it out the lizardman had to agree that it was less noisy and less restrictive to move in it. Eolar was pleased. Another happy customer and more money for his monastery. Soon he can think about the refurbishments he had in mind for a while to provide better study rooms for the growing number of acolytes. He looked over to the few stalls that were on the market today. A nice piece of leather caught his eye. If he could use the forge again to make some smaller studs he might be able to also fulfill the dwarfs wishes....

[Thesis gets Enhanced Elven Chain +1 (Silent Moves) and gives Eolar 5000gp]

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