Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One Bite at a Time

It was two days since the attacks had ceased. First Eolar had thought it was just the silence before the storm and had doubled the guards and urged the council to double the patrols which had been proven successful against the guerrilla-like attacks. Elogyn and Cotis had organised an effective and most importantly mixed militia. Able men from both parts of the formerly divided city had joined in an effort to fight back the attacks. The worse the attacks had gotten, the closer the two parts had grown back together.

The valley had been under constant patrol for two days now but there hadn't been a single report of an attack. Every patrol was accompanied by one of Eolar's followers who acted first most as a healer but was also part of a well organised information network, so Eolar would quickly be informed if something happened out of the ordinary. He looked at the paper again and slowly crumpled it. Two of the groups were missing. That was different. Before, the attackers tried to kill. They never took prisoners. Now both groups were missing. Without bodies, without traces of a major fight. Elogyn and the others looked at him after Leofwen had made a suggestion. It might be worth a shot!

A few minutes later the gathered round the fountain of holy water. Griswald was among the victims so there was an easy chance to see if they were still alive. Eolar cast the spell and looked into the water. After a short moment he could see a group of people walking. Griswald was there and Eolar could see some of the villagers. They were alive, but something in their eyes caught Eolar's attention. Their eyes showed an aboulic stare. Something or somebody was controlling them. After a few minutes one of the guards came into the scrying sensor. First Eolar thought it was one of the former black guards, but as he turned and looked at Griswald, Eolar could see hardened features and a fierce look in his eyes. It reminded Eolar of the eyes of a wild animal on the hunt.

He closed his eyes to think, losing the sensor. He never had seen such a look but he remembered a book that had described something similar. To the surprise of Eolgyn and the others who were looking at him in expectation, Eolar jumped up and ran into the library. They found him moments later concentrating on a book in front of him. He looked up at Elogyn and Leofwen who approached him. "Get a message to the council. We need 20 of the best fighters geared up and ready. Leofwen, get a group of 10 clerics together, pack silver and extra holy symbols! We are going vampire-hunting!"


Hedzor said...

Yeah, Cotis get's a mention.
I love that guy.
Well if anyone had to face them, Eolar's the Elf for the job.
Also: 'aboulic'? Not fair to use English words that I don't know.

RoboGeek said...

My gosh, Eolars bringing an army!