Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Whole New World

When he stepped through the gate he could see what the old dragon had meant. There really was a battle going on, but compared to the battles he had fought as a centurion of the Hell's armies, this looked like a mere skirmish. He looked around. He was in a room filled with dead bodies and surrounded only by a few mortals who seem to have defended the gate. Thereanthor had already taken care of the attackers within the room and was on his way outside.
He moved to the door and had a look. His new empire. Without fire. Without rivers of magma and the ash hills. His new home!
He saw the dragon engulfed in magic attacks and foot soldiers. What a puny attempt to stop his entry to this world. He summoned Drogoth, his loyal cornugon, into the area that his meteor swarm had just cleared. The opponents fell like flies and his minion liked that sort of unfair battle. Another two erinyes should be enough to take care of the flying druids and help Thereanthor by keeping the spellcasters busy.

His plan had worked. After a few unsuccessful attempts to create a bridgehead, he finally stepped into this world. He never should have sent his minions to seduce and deceive mortals. Sometimes you have to do a job yourself if you want it to be done. Here in the mountains he had space and time to build up a power base. The dragon had accumulated much treasure which should help in finding new underlings quickly and the weakness of the mortals to deception and promised riches should do the rest. The only thing he had to promise the dragon was to increase his wealth and to rid the world of some old enemies. What a tiny price for a whole new world. They were all thinking too small. After he has conquered this realm he will have enough power to go back and demand his rightful place as an archduke of hell.

The messages he had received before leaving Phlegethos showed that the dragon's idea of a second gate near the main city was a full success. The gate was opened from Hades and had diverted Berials attention away from the gate they had used. By the time they finish searching for him on the battlegrounds of the Blood War his grip on this world will be strong enough to hide him.
If only his attempt to move up to the rank of one of the Dark Eight would have worked 200 years ago. It had been a carefully worked out assassination plan on Zaebos, the 7th of the generals of the Blood War. He had worked himself up in Zaebos ranks and would have been his legal successor. But the attempt had failed and Zaebos had escaped unharmed. And although assassinations were a often used instrument for promotion in Baator, they were also punished by life sentence. Belial had tortured him for 200 years, but revenge is a meal best served cold. After he has taken this world, he will return and punish those who dared to keep him from his rightful place!

He looked around. The noise of the battle had almost died down. Thereanthor had returned and turned his attention to what seemed to be his followers. He had mentioned that he had created a dragon cult over the years. First out of boredom, but later he had realised that having an army worshiping him could have benefits. There were about 30 mortals in black cloaks bowing in front of him.
Another group of mortals approached him. He could feel good auras amongst them. He wondered how the dragon had deceived them into helping him. Perhaps he had underestimated the abilities of the old bat!


Hedzor said...

'Good Auras'?
Is someone other than Me(ndez) good in this whole battle?
Somehow I doubt it.

Insanodag said...

Durin might wander back from his rock induced reverie.

Hedzor said...

Can I borrow Bodush's ring of undetectable alignment?

Insanodag said...

Bodush might need it for when we get back to Elogyn if recent events are anything to go by.