Friday, October 9, 2009

XP and treasure from hell

Ok, evil always rewards it's followers generously, here the current XP points:

Eolar: Level 16: 122295 xp - LEVEL UP!
Mendez: Level 16: 121173 xp - LEVEL UP!
Bodush: Level 14: 95300 xp
Wer: Level 14: 94723 xp - LEVEL UP!
Chen: Level 14: 93193 xp - LEVEL UP!
Thesis: Level 14(16): 92369 xp - LEVEL UP!
Elogyn: Level 13: 81475 xp - LEVEL UP!
Durin: Level 12: 76590 xp

You did manage to kill quite a lot of guys in the end.
As for treasure, I didn't post treasure after the fight with the elves and the ogres, we include that now (prepare yourselves for a loooong list):

From the elves:
2 rings (m)
3 scrolls
3 wands
short sword (m)
bracers (m)
2 composite longbows +2 (m)
2 studded leathers (m)
+ arrows (taken by Mendez) and other normal stuff (food, axes, throwing axes,etc)

from the ogres:
1 composite longbow +5
1 Greatsword
1 Chain shirt
4 Greatclubs
4 Hide armours
2 rings (m)

From the battlefield:
lots of: all types of non-magic swords and armour and shields. If you are looking for something specific, let me know and I'll tell you.
Rummaging through everything, you find the following gold and magic stuff:

1 full plate armour
3 rings
11 potions
2 scrolls
2 staffs
1 bastard sword
1 great sword
3 leather armours
1 brooch
A pile of gold coins (5245gp)
Some gems (1700gp)

From the dragon you get a bag full of gems (after some serious talking between the highest living BC and him). You estimate their value to be 5000gp.

That should be everything I hope. Sorry that it took so long, but the free day I had on the weekend I spent sleeping after a long night.....


Insanodag said...

Sleep? What sort of excuse is that?


Hedzor said...

OK, as I’m never going to get a decent magical bow to fit, what do the Elven ones do?
The rings look interesting too.
Does Bodush have enough pearls?

RoboGeek said...

I'll donate pearls as required ;)

Hedzor said...

I can't work this out until we have the values for the magic and jewellery (normal rings and broach).
But I say we ignore all the normal equipment.
I thought that Thesis could use the Ogre's +5 composite longbow, but unfortunately it's large.
Without Meldo or Wer's giant goat, we can't carry that much stuff anyway.

RoboGeek said...

I could get an enlarge person made permanent ... no, lets not go there.

If the chain shirt and or the great-swords are magical, they could be interesting. The rings too of course, although I will probably need a mummy's hand or something to be able to wear more rings ;)

Actually, I might even consider the magical full-plate :)

Oooh, what's dat brooch ting??

RoboGeek said...

PS - 5000gp of gems from the dragon? That is pretty poor. The pile of gold coins from the battle field was more than that. (not that I'm arguing, you understand!)

PPS - Don't underestimate what Thesis can carry, or at least drag!

Joebroesel said...

The dragon thinks that 5000gp worth of HIS gems that he collected for so long is more than enough for a simple mercenary job :)

And you shouldn't compare it with the gold from the battlefield...this is a lot of small purses of dead creatures. There are just a few hundred of them :D

And don't underestimate the way to the next merchant that buys the stuff through Scotts adventure! Dragging it could slow down your fighting speed ;-)

Insanodag said...

Teleport. I can carry up to my maximum load plus an additional 4 medium creatures carrying their maximum load. Then I can do it again.

RoboGeek said...

Don't forget that he is old, therefore 28th level or something and that blue dragons have triple standard treasure anyway. That means his hoard is likely to be in the many hundreds of thousands GP value.

Don't you remember pictures of dragons lying down on their bed of gems and gold?

Anyway, as I said - Thesis the character is NOT arguing with the dragon, I, Assif am questioning whether this is a reasonable amount.

Insanodag said...

Well, dragons do not get rich by sharing their wealth with hapless adventurers they can incinerate at will.

Hedzor said...

Let us just accept that while the dragon's got piles of treasure and is Lawful, he's also mean.
Frankly we're lucky to be leaving alive.