Friday, October 9, 2009


Some survivors of the exodus came at last to Pearlglen - a small village famed for the freshwater pearls often found in the river nearby. With them, they brought the plague. Skilled only in rudimentary midwifery and herblore, the village turned to their old priest to save them. Alas, he was amongst the first to succumb, but on his deathbed he swore that the village would be saved.

The very next day a Couatl named Tlanextic arrived, though he would never discuss whether the priest's prayers had summoned him. Whatever his reason for coming to Pearlglen, he proved to be its saviour. Using extra-planar medicines he was able to innoculate the healthy, and by carefully segmenting the sick and quickly buying the dead Pearlglen was freed from the plague within a month. His work done Tlanextic took his leave of the villagers, vowing to look in from time to time.

In gratitude the villagers hand crafted a statue of the Couatl from hardwood and adorned it with locally collected pearls. It was erected in place honor in the village shrine and next to the dead priest's grave. Given the rarity of Couatls, word soon spread of the incredibly realistic detail and people travelled from miles around to gaze in wonderment at the carved imagery - grateful to have seen an illustration, knowing they would never truly set eyes on such a wondrous creature.

Eventually, the church of Pelor expanded the shrine and stationed a full time cleric in Pearlglen to look after the statue. Likewise, the village set up the Wardens to protect it's citizens.

All of this had come to pass two generations ago - by human reckoning at least - but the tale of Tlanextic, his miraculous doings, and the amazing statue are common folklore for hundreds of miles around.

Knowing that they are in the area, Wer decides that she would very much like to see Tlanextic's likeness and tries to persuade the party to join her. She also tells them of recent rumours brought to her on the wing and the wind: While the human-folk of Pearlglen are seemingly unaffected, and even completely ignorant of the fact, the sylvan creatures of the forest have recently learned to give Pearlglen a wide berth. Someone - or something - is stalking them. It kills without warning or mercy and leaves little left of its victims save a few grisly entrails.

Smelling adventure and possible reward the party acquiesce to Wer's pleas to visit Pearlglen and, once they have made appropriate preparations, set off towards the village to view the carven idol and uncover the mystery of the murdered forest dwellers...


RoboGeek said...

The plague was a two generations ago, phew!

And, judging by the names, it was in South America ;)

PS - I can never pronounce Aztec names. Too many consonants bunched up together!

Hedzor said...

Phew indeed!
Hunting monsters in a forest?
That's more like Mendez' speed.

Charlie Stilton said...

you going for a second, though :-p