Thursday, October 15, 2009

Money for no Hope

Once safely back in city, Mendez went immediately to see the leader of the Gom Dalat army.
He told Commander Thul of the hundreds of Powerful Orc warriors that they had killed as well as the Ogre legions and Druid leaders.
He also told of the scores of Black cloaks killed but of their ultimate victory. It’s with a bitter whisper that he spoke of the successful summoning of the immense blue Dragon and foul Devil.
It was at this point that Mendez fudged the truth.
He went on to explain that the Party were caught in the middle of a sprawling battle and only when the Black cloaks had proved victorious, were the Party forced to trick their way out with lies and the promise of loyalty.
As Commander Thul rose slowly to his feet, Mendez coughed and reminded the ashen-faced man of his promised reward for information.

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