Friday, October 9, 2009

Stunning evil talk

Mendez just finished with his sentence when he could see the pit fiend turn, open his fiery wings and look down at him. He could hear a word being uttered and suddenly fear filled his body. Every muscle started to freeze. He dropped his bow and stood there looking at the creature gazing down on him.
The pit fiend slowly wrapped his wings around him again and looked down on Bodush who had just addresses him in infernal.
"You chose your words wisely, sorcerer. In contrast to your friend I have to say. But it seems that you indeed have played your part in defending the gate and therefore have aided our arrival. This help shall not go unrewarded. Since your friend seeks treasures, it is treasures he shall get. If it is true that Thereanthor's followers have made an agreement with you, Thereanthor will make sure you will receive what was promised."
He looked over to the dragon who had turned his head towards him suddenly. Bodush could see the dragon flinch but nodded after a stare of the centurion of Hell.

"The tales that will be told of our arrival shall mention the part you and your friends have played in it! On top of the payment promised, take whatever you can carry from our slain opponents on the battlefield! Let people know that the new sovereign in this world is a generous one!"
Mendez could feel the control over his muscles coming back again and decided to slowly edge away while the pit fiend stepped closer to Bodush.
"As for you, young sorcerer, you seem to have much potential! I'm searching for worthy employees from this world since most of my loyal followers can't walk on this plane unnoticed. Would you be interested to work for me? I can promise a leading position within my new order if you live up to my expectations."


Hedzor said...

Hey no fair!
I already wrote Mendez out of danger.

What do you mean 'You're the DM'?

Also, where's the xp?

Insanodag said...

No diceroll is needed for Power Word Stun...