Monday, October 5, 2009

Three Brothers

Mendosa enters his brother’s mansion.
‘Estaban, your boy Sancho has finished his morning lesson, but he’ll never be half the swordsman Mendez has become. Why do you persist in making all your sons practice with the bow and sword? You never had a use for them yourself.’
Estaban looks up at his thickly set brother.
“I didn’t need a bow or sword because I had your steel and Duban’s arrows to protect me. I only wish that Duban had us to stand with him when he died.”
Mendosa looks down as he speaks, “He left because we wouldn’t stand with him. Despite our disagreement, I would have it that he’d never left.”
Estaban pulls himself to his feet. “He was always too headstrong. He couldn’t see that my way was always the best way.”
Mendosa looks back up. “At least he taught all the boys how to use a bow.”

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