Friday, August 14, 2009

Looting the looters

Experience for beating up some girls:

Mendez: Level 14:96292 xp - Not a single arrow fired but still experience
Eolar: Level 14: 95587 xp - Back in the valley to teach his followers
Wer: Level 13: 85127 xp - Only one who thought about protecting the black cloaks
Durin: Level 12: 71244 xp - Missed to jump on the waggon
Bodush: Level 12: 70319 xp - More experienced in choosing furniture now
Chen: Level 12: 68912 xp - Reward for making fat ladies faint
Thesis: Level 12(14): 68088 xp - LEVEL UP! Being reasonable for one adventure has advantages
Elogyn: Level 11: 62286 xp - Trying to get her head around being a paladin

And there is always treasure to be found on bodies of dead girls:

4x Crossbow (light), magic
1x Rapier, magic
3x Mwk Rapier (320gp ea)
4x Chain shirt (100gp ea)

- 3x Cure Serious Wounds (3d8+5) (750gp ea)
- 1x Blur (3min, 400gp)
- 1x Darkvision (3h, 400gp)

4 golden anklets (750gp ea)
2 star rubies (1000gp ea)
4 aquamarines (200 ea)
6 white pearls (100 ea)
59 pp
13 gp
5 sp
32 cp

Assorted gems worth 1500gp from Lady Benedicta.

Golden stuff and potions can be sold full price, weapons half.


Hedzor said...

Let's use five of the found pearls so Budush can assess the resale value of the four magical Crossbows and magical Rapier.

It's a shame Szandor isn't close by. We could have sold the magical stuff to him. I still feel a obligation for his prior generosity.

Also, assuming no objections, I'll take the potion of Darkvision.

RoboGeek said...

No objections. Again, assuming no objections, Thesis takes the potion of Blur.

Charlie Stilton said...

No objections - but if we find out what the crossbows are, Chen calls 'dibs' just in case!