Friday, August 28, 2009

Quart-er past Dead

Mendez strides away from the amused looking Bodush, still clutching the recently aquired ‘Magical’ buckler.
“ 5,000gp! I’ll show that villainous merchant the meaning of stupid.”
Leaving the main parades of shops, Mendez enters the maze of small streets and alleys and finds his way back to ‘Quart's Wonderland’.
From what he’d previously noticed about the old man, Mendez can safely assume he’s a Wizard. But how powerful could he be?
Although appreciative of Bodush’s ability, Mendez maintains a deep mistrust of the arcane. This though is merely born out of a complete lack of understanding.
... Still, a Wizard’s just flesh and blood.
Finding a good hiding place, Mendez crouches down and waits until evening.
It’s surprisingly late when Quart finally leaves his shop. He seems to cast a few spells over the entrance and starts to shuffle off down the street.
Mendez checks that there'll be no witnesses and steps out of the shadows.
Without a word, Mendez notches three arrows simultaneously into his bow and lets them fly silently into the back of the old man.
Slightly surprised by the Wizards lack of magical protection, Mendez runs forward and drags the obviously dead body out of sight and quickly checks through his robes…
A dagger and a small purse… plus the shop keys!
Mendez licks his lips.
There were many expensive items in that shop, but he’s certain that they’ll be magically guarded.
Instead Mendez takes the cursed shield and pushes the edge into the dead merchants mouth until it slices through skin.
“Now we’re both smiling.”
With a final look over his shoulder, Mendez slinks through the darkness and back to his friends.


Hedzor said...

A magic dagger would be nice.

RoboGeek said...

And you would get some extra XP too.

Nice evening's work ;)

Joebroesel said...

Ok, because I'm a nice DM you found a dagger (The 'nice' is from disregarding the first dagger I randomly generated)

dagger +1 (2,302 gp)

But the XP calculator tells me you don't get any XP for him :) Not that it matters after the battle....

Well, and thanks to Mendez' temper there goes the first stationary magic shop in our world.....
Happy!?! ;-)

Hedzor said...

Thanks Sven, but in my defense, you said Quart had a dagger when I searched him, and what kind of Magic-shop-owning-Wizard wouldn't have a magic dagger?
This means Mendez is only down 2,700gp on that deal.
What was in his coin purse?
As for the 'XP calculator': Did you factor in that Mendez was alone and therefore only Party level 4ish?
And I'm glad the annoying shop of dodgy magic is shut.
Also, you're forgetting about our friend Szandor.

Joebroesel said...

I know I said he has a dagger, but the first one that got created was an intelligent one with features that would have really pissed you off :D

You are right, I forgot his purse:
eye agate (6.7 gp)
(which he got from his dying mother and wanted to give to his fiancee this evening!) :)

As for XP, Mendez got extra points for acting more or less in character outside the story rails. So shut up! :P

Hedzor said...

When you say 'In character', do you mean 'vain and reckless'?
And his purse takes the loss down to only 2,264gp!
Was the 'Eye agate' really only worth 6.7 gp?
I've spared Quart's fiancee the fate of a cheap (and old) husband.

As for experience, Eolar may not have accounted for the magical item creation yet, but you've still got one or two sessions to build up your lead.

Joebroesel said...

Yes, the eye agate is only worth 6.7gp for you but was invaluable for Quart! :0

And of course I would never ever meta-game here and say that the XP Eolar will lose due to item creations is just enough to keep him in the lead :D