Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sisterhood of the Broken Lance

Three large Orcan women enter the tent and bow towards their leader.
The smallest of the three pushes back her hood and speaks. Her voice is low and guttural. “The accursed Bodush has left the city. Our spies were keeping track of him but he disappeared by magical means. I am sorry my Queen.”
The ‘Queen’ is smaller than her three subjects, but though still attractive by human standards, she is beautiful by orcan ones.
“I am Chekeeta. Daughter of Calvera. Granddaughter of Wallach. And I will not rest until I have that Sorcerer’s head on a spike.”
One of the other Orc women steps forward. “Our assassin had her chance but was too eager. If she had only been able to bed him and kill him in his sleep, our task would be complete!”
Finally the third Orc speaks up, her voice full of rage and loathing. “How could you expect a full blood orcess to lay with such a worm? Better she died with a weapon in her hand than with a slug between her thighs.”