Monday, August 17, 2009

In Search for a Bed

The night watchman announced the 12th hour while they escorted the carriages up the road in Gom Dalat. At the first square they stopped and the guard on Lady Benissa's carriage waved Mendez over to the carriage. Lady Benedicta heartily thanked Mendez again for saving her life and handed over a leather pouch containing gems worth 1500gp. As the royal carriage moved on, Bodush could hear a voice behind him "It is time that we find a harbourage for the night". Bodush looked at the black hood of Daleg. "Very well, I can see an inn sign just over there"
"With all due respect, but we want to decide about the inn ourselves this time"
After Bodush exchanged looks with Mendez he nodded and beckoned Daleg to lead the way. They followed the black cloaks down the road towards the inn Bodush had pointed out earlier. At the door one of them got off the carriage and Bodush could hear a spell being cast. Just a moment later a few runes started to glow to the right of the door. Chen, Mendez and Theshiss looked confused at Bodush, but even the sorcerer had to pass after looking at the runes. To everybody's surprise, they were urged to move on and when Wer started to investigate the writing it vanished without trace.

The procedure was repeated at two other inns and the same marks appeared at the same position. At the 4th inn Bodush noticed a difference in the writing. "This is where we are staying tonight!" While Bodush just shrugged his shoulders after a look from Mendez and the others, two of the black cloaks already had entered the inn. By the time the group caught up, a quite satisfied old innkeeper smiled at them. "Your rooms are to the left and right of the one of the hooded gentlemen and already paid for. Numbers 6 and 8". He smiled while he handed over the keys. "I wish a pleasant night. If you need anything, let me know. My servant is already taking care of the cart outside"
The hooded figures had already made their way towards the stairs of the stone building when Daleg turned round again. "This place should be safe, but we would prefer guards to be present. We will have to run some errands tomorrow and are planning to continue the journey by sunrise the day after."
"We will of course place guards outside your door and escort you on your errands" Bodush got more and more interested.
"The escorts won't be necessary. Your people guarding the room will be sufficient! Good night!"

Mendez stopped the innkeeper on the way towards a small door on the other side of the room. "Do you know these people?" "Since I accommodated a first group of six 'bout a month ago, I had some here every few days. They come in groups of three to six and pay very well" A smile went over his face "A lot of the others fear them and there have been some problems in other inns, but I like them. If only all of my guests would be that quiet and easy to handle!"
"Are they from this area? Do you know where they come from?"
The old men laughed "You should know, you brought 'em here! Nobody knows 'em. Just suddenly started to appear a month and a half ago. All of 'em going somewhere into the mountains."
The last words where muttered while the old men left the room. Mendez went back to the others who had listened. They looked at each other "So, what are we going to do? What are the plans?"


RoboGeek said...


I think we should send a group with the black-cloaks into the mountain but have a smaller powerful group following at some distance.

Split the party - usually works, doesn't it?

No, really. We should ask at one of the other Inns about what the other groups of black-cloaks got up to and see if we can find out more about them.

Or, we could murder them in their beds and be done with it all.

Charlie Stilton said...

Or, we could rest in the knowledge of a job well done and go home!

Hedzor said...

As ever, Mendez is a bit confused. Is the 1500gp worth of gems a bonus?
If so, ‘I thank her for her generosity and I wish her health and happiness’. With a warm handshake, I also wish her servant and remaining guard ‘Good luck!’.
I then share out the gems with Chen, Thesis, Bodush and Wer. (300gp worth of assorted gems each.)
As for the Inn… I guess we’re guarding the ‘Hoodies’ for one more night. I pay for everyone again, but now without the added expense of Lady Benidicta’s surviving guard and servant. (How much?)
I like the way Mendez is smart enough to ask the right questions but dumb enough to ignore the obvious danger.
‘So, what are we going to do? What are the plans?’

Joebroesel said...

The 1500 was the amount agreed with Lady Benissa.
The rooms were paid by the hoodies, so nothing to pay.

As for plans: Would like to do it in several steps (to get more interaction in the story) so the question for plans is about the immediate plans for this night. E.g. how many guards do you place and where? What are you planning to do on the day in Gom Dalat? The inn is a stone building, rooms are on the 1st floor and windows (1 each room) are barred.

RoboGeek said...

You mentioned it was a big town. Any chance of buying a new magical chain shirt +3?

Joebroesel said...

There might be somebody in the town that sells magic. Want to search for him? If yes, are you going alone or is somebody coming with you :) Who know what happens on the way :P

RoboGeek said...

Yes, I'll search for him. I am sure I can persuade at least one or two of the others to come along. We should, of course leave somebody behind with the B-Cs.