Monday, August 31, 2009

XP for a Small Orc Army

Well, after calculating around for a while I finally arrived at an acceptable number :) To answer the first question: I've considered you in a very favourable position which reduced overall XP a bit.


Eolar: Level 15: 112070 xp - LEVEL UP! Did something near the valley (Yes, post coming!)
Mendez: Level 15:111777 xp - LEVEL UP! Even cold-blooded murder gets you forward!
Bodush: Level 13: 85804 xp - LEVEL UP! Raining fire from the skies has it's advantages
Wer: Level 13: 85127 xp - No-wer to be seen
Chen: Level 13: 83897 xp - LEVEL UP! Got tripped by a wolf. Did he find his master?
Thesis: Level 13(15): 83073 xp - LEVEL UP! Did he blink at me??
Elogyn: Level 12: 75237 xp - LEVEL UP! Discovering what it really means to be a paladin!
Durin: Level 12: 71244 xp - A mountain range full of dwarfs. Perhaps he's visiting relatives?


Well, the treasure is distributed over 52 bodies scattered in a wider area. Do you search all the bodies? Do you attempt to find the druid bodies? If you don't search all the bodies, how much time do you want to spend searching? The cloaks urge you to move on but you can decide about the time. You quickly search 15 orc bodies that you find in the area and they lead to:
- 7 bastard swords (Masterwork)
- 7 shields (large, steel)
- 15 breast plates (Masterwork)
- 8 Crossbows (light)
Smaller golden items and coins worth 1260gp


Joebroesel said...

Oh, and after 3 years it finally happened!!! Eolar overtook Mendez :) Thank you for attacking the orc cohort after all ;-)

Hedzor said...

Does this include Eolar's magic creation penalties?
I insist Mendez gains at least 300xp from the rightful and just killing of the Wizard Quart!

Joebroesel said...

Calm down, it doesn't include the items Eolar created in the valley.... :) Just wanted to feel good for 2 weeks.....

RoboGeek said...

I'm very happy that I'm getting back to the sort of XP levels that Bodush and Chen have despite having died twice.

And I've managed to actually go up a level 2 sessions in a row which is amazing :D

But I am getting worried that Elogyn may overtake me - which would be extremely embarrassing :(

Insanodag said...

I think the revised XP scores make more sense than the ones you started with. The favourable position should reduce our reward significantly. However, this was the battle that has taxed Bodush the most since he learned how to use fireball.

Hedzor said...

I'm not sure I'd have called that encounter a 'Battle'.

Insanodag said...

slaughter is thirsty work...