Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tenants Extra

After the initial clean-up is finished, Mendez leaves the main city and goes to visit Bodush.
He smiles as he tries to imagine the odd little Sorcerer living in a fine house. Bodush has spent everything he had saved during the last two years adventuring, having this house built.
Stopping to buy a few barrels of ale and a crate of fine wine as house warming presents, Mendez loads it all on his horse and leads it to the outskirts of the city.
The house isn’t quite finished but already habitable.
With a loud knock on the door, Mendez beams at the servant who opens the door.
“A gift for your Master.” Mendez indicates the barrels and crate loaded on his horses back.
Not waiting for an invitation, Mendez barges in and wanders through the mansion, calling for his friend.
When he finally finds the young mystic, Mendez embraces him warmly. Bodush has not ever in two years, returned a hug, but Mendez never seems to notice.
“Your new home is wonderful Bodush, but a little Spartan. Please accept this small token as a nod towards my future rent.” Mendez passes Bodush a small leather bag containing a hundred platinum pieces. “Use it to buy some furniture.”
Mendez is slightly surprised that no-one else lodges with Bodush but shrugs it off. Bodush can be a little dark and sarcastic at times, but fortunately he’s also witty and charming.
Despite the lack of evidence, Mendez believes in Bodush. He believes that his friend can recover from his terrible beginnings.
... And drinking usually helps.

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