Monday, August 3, 2009

Bodush and the Real Estate Agents.

Bodush has decided to sink his insane amount of cash into a mansion on the outskirts of Febril. Using the stronghold builders' guide for reference, the mansion looks like this in terms of game mechanics:

Bodush' Mansion:

Kitchen, Fancy: 12000 1
Bedroom suite, Fancy 5000 1
2x Bedrooms, Fancy 8000 2
Bath, Fancyx2 2000 2
Dining Hall, Fancy 12000 2
Stable, Basic 500 1
Library, Fancy 3000 1
Books: General and Arcana 4000 0
Servant’s Quarter 400 1
Bedroms, Basicx2 1400 2
Study/Office, Fancy 2500 1
Walls(Wood) 9000

Sum 59800 14

Also, servants for its upkeep will be needed. Monthly Costs are as follows:

Maid 3
Servantsx2 6
Cook 3
Scribe 9
Butler 15
Sum 36

Of course, if anyone has issues with Bodush instantly acquiring such an attractive piece of real estate, let me know.


Hedzor said...

The next thing to consider is interior design.
What can Mendez get you as a house warming present?
A King sized bed complete with fluffy blankets, fluffy pillows and perhaps a full time 'fluffer' to help out when needed?
Can Mendez stay for a few days? The St Cuthbert temple is currently being redecorated.

Insanodag said...

I doubt that Bodush would appreciate the skills of a blanket fluffer. His tastes are unmentionaby exotic.

A King Sized bed would be good, though.

Apart from Bodush' suite, there is room for 4 party members in the fancy bedrooms as well as for 2 additional party members in the basic bedrooms.

There is also some space in the servant's quarter, and a comfy couch in the fancy library.

Everyone is of course welcome to stay.

Hedzor said...

Mendez skips around to the new house and as he greets his old friend, he hands Bodush a large leather bag containing 1,000gp.
"This should cover the bed I promised and enough brandy to keep us both happy for a few weeks!"