Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Mendez’ smile falters as he sees the two arrows embedded in the ground in front of the Black cloaks.
Calling back his teammates Mendez gestures toward the arrows.
“Bodush and Chen, you guard our ‘friends’ while Thesis checks for treasure and I try to find some of my wayward arrows. I figure I shot fifty-three, but at least half of them missed. If I’m lucky I’ll be able to recover a dozen or so undamaged ones.
The Orc armour and equipment, although expensive, is too heavy to carry and I’m afraid if we try to hide it, we’ll get a nasty reception when we attempt to retrieve it later.
Did the Druids have anything of interest?”


Charlie Stilton said...

Standing astride one of the grey flighted arrows, arms spread in an open gesture of honesty Chen speaks to the Elves that presumably surround them.

"We wish you no harm. You see we are enemies of your enemies. Please, let us pass peacefully through your land."

Hedzor said...

Mendez stands beside his pacifistish friend and calls out in his best 'Sylvan': 'We come in peace!' and then whispered to Thesis and Bodush, 'If they attack, shoot to kill.'

Joebroesel said...

"Did the Druids have anything of interest?"
Did you find them? How long did you try to find their bodies? And are you trying to locate all the other orcs?

And after Chen shouts, surprisingly nothing happenes :)

Hedzor said...

Well Mendez spent at least ten minutes recovering his 13 (fired-but-undamaged) arrows.
That's plenty of time to find the Druids/Giant Eagles and search their bodies.
Did they revert to Orcan form?
I think all equipment magically disappears until they revert.

(If we hear anyone coming, we run for it!)