Sunday, September 6, 2009

Law and Order

Eolar looked out of the window of his office. His room was one of two rooms on the 2nd floor and allowed for a great view over the valley. The other room was occupied by Leofwen, the best of his students. She had shown most potential and he had left her in charge while he was away. And she had done a good job indeed!
In the weeks he was gone, she had continued with what he had started. His followers had managed to get the trust of many people on the former white side of the valley. They were providing aid and counseling and together with Wer, who visited often to teach the farmers, the progress towards an ordered society was good. Food was not as plentiful as it couldbe yet, but the valley slowly reached apoint where it could sustain itself. To fill the gaps, Leofwen had sent Olric and Sigbert to arrange for food deliveries from surrounding settlements in return of potions and aid.

The council Eolar had suggested in the beginning, containing members from both sides and both churches met regulary and smaller councils adminstered the law in case of disputes. Most of these councils were lead by Eolar's followers and the influence of the church grew steadily. Ceolwulf was in charge of training for the priests and managed to recruit young people from both sides of the valley, further strengthening the link between church and public. The church of Pelor, although present at the council meetings, kept in the background and focused on charity work. Although they also had many new recruits, Eolar gathered from the reports that the support for St.Cuthbert seems to be stronger due to the more aggressive missionary approach. He was pleased. His followers did well and he already had promoted some of them to reward their work. Cotis was head of the guards and the military training. He seem to take his duty very serious. In the short time he had gathered a well-trained small temple guard who protects the clerics when conducting visits to the towns.

Of course, not everything went as smooth. He went back to the table where the reports on the attacks were lying in a stack. From information Cotis and Leofwen had gathered it looked as if parts of the former black army had formed a guerilla army in the surrounding mountains. Their targets were mostly merchants coming into the valley with supplies or people from the former black part that were working together with Eolar's clerics. As expected the trust from people on the black side was harder to earn, but through regular visits to treat wounds and teach agriculture they had gained the trust from many in the higher ranks. The old general had flewn after the takeover together with his most trusted men and are suspected to lead this guerilla army.

Eolar went downstairs to meet Elogyn who was already waiting together with Cotis and Leofwen. It was time for Eolar to meet the new heads of both sides to discuss the next steps against these rebels. Something had to be done! Despite these problems Eolar smiled. His next report on the progress with this outpost would be a good one!


RoboGeek said...

The empire is growing strong under your leadership, oh lord. I am sure you will crush this meaningless rebellion and complete the building of your death star, uh sorry, temple.


Hedzor said...

4th level Cotis is super-tough!
How many clerics and fighters does Eolar have under him now (aside from Elogyn)?