Friday, September 4, 2009

Shades of Black and Grey

Mendez struggles with his own paranoia. The ‘Black Cloaks’ have done nothing evil or made any insulting remarks throughout the journey, but yet his feelings of unease remain.
Everything he learned about them in Gom Dalat leads to no conclusion aside from that they like their privacy and they won’t tolerate thugs and bullies.
Onol Thul - The Commander of the royal army, thought they were up to no good and probably in cahoots with the Orcs.
This is now, after their recent encounter with the well-organised Orc platoon, patently untrue.
And the ‘Grey Elves’… They seem much more reclusive than any of the Elven races he’s previously encountered.
Perhaps he’s got the whole situation the wrong way around?
Mendez grips the hilt of his scimitar. Why then does he feel he’s walking to his own funeral?

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